Located in Corvallis, Oregon, HyTek Plastics is a plastic Design and Fabrication facility, manufacturing parts and equipment for multiple users in industries to include aerospace, semiconductor and medical. We specialize in design fabrication as well as Research and Development work. Established in 1990, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and design fabrication to meet exacting goals. We have built a solid reputation as a dependable high quality supplier to American and International industry. 

Examples of our Work:

Rotational Chemical Milling Basket

This is a typical example of our chemical milling basket built for the Titanium Industry.

The interior may contain dividers or be open spaced per customer requirements.


Teflon Tank (PFA Bath):


Wet Process Station for Semiconductor Manufacturing

(Click on image to enlarge)



Snow Plow Blades:

HyTEK Plastics has been installing and maintaining snow plow blade liners for the State of Oregon Department of Transportation approximately six years .  O.D.O.T  is very satisfied with the results of using our liners on their snow plow blades. It has been found our liners double the life of the blades.  They cut maintenance to over half on the blade and relieves the majority of stresses due to hammering on the mounting mechanism.   

Our liners prevent bridging and snow travels approximately 35% further coming off the blade.  We use a specially formulated Hi-density, Polyethylene with a silicone additive that increases the lubricity of the material.  Our material has tremendous abrasion and wear resistance and withstands elevated temperatures or extreme cold. 





HyTEK liners are installed with 3/8”, Polyethylene capped, bridge bolts.  We use lock washers with double nuts on all bolts.  After the liner is installed, we weld a cap in the closed end of the blade if needed.  This helps prevent wear and bridging on the narrow end.  Should tears or thin spots develop in the liner over time, the sections are easily removed and repaired with fresh material. Under average conditions, most blade liners require minimal repair after two years of service.

HyTEK Plastics also installs and repairs dump truck bed liners. Our material has been used in dump truck bed liners to prevent bridging and material buildup.  It is has been used in dump trucks that haul everything from gravel to hot Asphalt.  We have a fully equipped service vehicle for on site repairs and installations. Worn sections of the liners can be removed and a new section welded in when needed. This minimizes down-time and cost of replacing the whole liner. Liners may be repaired locally on site with our mobile repair unit. Most wear occurs on the outlet end of the blade. When the material gets too thin it may be removed and replaced with new material. This saves on the cost of replacing the whole liner. Feel free to contact me should you need any additional information or pricing.


Custom Fabrication to Customer Specifications

In situations where existing or conventional equipment won't solve your problem, we will fabricate special equipment to meet your specific requirements. Working as closely as possible with our clients to assure satisfaction, we turn blueprints and hand-sketches into practical solutions. We have provided assistance with R&D projects for several major semi-conductor companies. 

Materials we work with:

ABS, Acetal, Acrylic,






Plexiglas, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polypropylene

Quicksilver (AKA TIVAK)

Teflon, Torlon



Other Materials:

Alumalite, Acrylic tubes and rods, Polycarbonate and Polyethylene tubes and rods


A few of our clients are:

Semiconductor: National Semi Conductor, General Instruments, Honeywell Corporation, Hewlett Packard, Intel Corporation, Hynix Corporation, Fujuitsu and Siltronics.

Aerospace:  Pacific Cast Technology, Selmet, PCC Schlosser, ATI Wah Chang, All-Vac

General: Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), Morse Brothers (Field Service), Safeway Corporation, CH2M Hill, Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Western Oregon University and University of Delaware.

Medical: Good Samaritan Hospital (Corvallis, Or)

An example of our CNC capabilities:

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Phone: Toll Free 888-201-9932

Fax: Toll Free 888-201-9939

Phone Local: 541-754-2261

Fax Local: 541-758-5039


Snail Mail Address:  

HyTEK Plastics

33860 SE Eastgate Circle

Corvallis, Oregon 97333


Maps and Driving Directions (Courtesy of Mapquest):

Click Here for Map and Driving Direction to Hytek Plastics, Corvallis Oregon


HyTEK Plastics is expanding it's operation. 

See our Photo page of Extraordinary Wood Carvings custom made to your specifications Here: 






Photo Page

Samples of projects completed at HyTek Plastics:

URL: http://www.hytekplastics.net/hytekpg02.htm

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