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Specializing in Design
And Fabrication of Large-Scale
Custom Industrial Process Hardware
That Gets Your Job Done
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What's your project or idea? Home hobbies, RV repair, mo­torcycle fairings and fenders, even just supplies for your plastics projects! HyTEK ei­ther has what you need or we can build it!
Television Enclosure

Products for Home, Vehicle and RV

See HyTEK for custom products like
  • Display cases
  • Presentation plaques
  • UV-shielding artwork covers
  • Fluid tank products & services
    • RV tanks
    • Wastewater tanks
    • Graywater storage tanks
    • Sprayer tanks
    • Agricultural tanks
    • Storage tank repairs
    • Rotomolded tank repairs
  • Acrylic table covers
  • Plastic cutting boards
    • Cutting board refurbishing
  • Motorcycle and ATV products
    • Fairing manufacture
    • Fairing windshield resizing
    • Fender repair
  • Car-top carrier repairs
  • Boat hatch covers
  • Saltwater bait tanks
  • Spin welding for tank fittings
Just a sampling of the products HyTEK Plastics can provide for your home, office or vehicle.
Wasp Nest Case Television Enclosure Fishing Reel Display Plaque
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