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HyTEK's industrial plastics fabrication, repair and development capabilities are ready to take on your most challenging re­quire­ments for small, mid-size and large projects.

Process and Production Equipment

Whatever your process requires, if plastics are needed, we can certainly provide it. , dry boxes, , des­ic­ca­tor box­es, semi­con­duc­tor and other wet fa­bri­ca­tion pro­cess sta­tions, peripheral stands, gen­er­al-pur­pose cabinets, , chem­i­cal bot­tle carts, chem­i­cal pump carts, acrylic glove box­es and more! We specialize in Po­ly­car­bon­ate and Acrylic bending.

Our tool sets include a 6-tool CNC rou­ter with a 5' x 10' table capacity and vac­uum holddown for your custom work, as well as the ability to fabricate per your input files in DXF, IGES, STEP, DWG and other formats. Or use our extensive in-house design services.

Contact us to learn more about our pro­ject re­search and de­vel­op­ment ca­pa­bil­i­ties as well.

Tank Fabrication.

HyTEK can fab­ri­cate your tank! We provide tanks for , in­clu­ding , exhaust plenums, che­mi­cal tank cov­ers, , polypropylene ducting and other es­sen­tials. We can pro­vide in-shop or onsite fabrication of your custom tank.

Tank Repair.

We also provide gen­er­al tank repair services, including . We can pro­vide plastic flange spacers of any size, and can pre­fab in our shop and then per­form field in­stal­lation. We provide ex­tru­sion welding for sec­on­dary con­tain­ment pits, plastic tank liners and containment vessel fittings. Don't im­port ser­vi­ces from over­seas! We have the ca­pa­bil­ity you need right here.
This process tank is made of natural hot-air-welded Polypropylene. It has stainless steel internal braces (top and bottom darker projecting bands) that are encapsulated with natural Polypropylene. It is used as a heated bath for processing semiconductors.
Industrial Fabrication
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